Friday, October 7, 2011

Honestly – That’s doesn't take a Kitchen!

In the November issue of Snap Magazine, you’ll be able to read my article about traveling with your pets. I go through some advice on how to plan a trip with your dogs. Even though I’ve done it before, mistakes happen and I wanted to share how my recent trip turned a bad thing into a new discovery.

On my recent trip to Wisconsin, the hotel room bragged about a fridge in the room. So I planned to buy raw food and keep the dogs on raw the entire trip. Once at the hotel, I realized the “fridge” that they were so proud to offer was only a tad bit bigger than the microwave. I would not even be able to keep a days worth of raw food. The trip was going to be a busy one and full of events for me and the dogs from 8 am to well into the night. There was no way I would have time to make daily trips to the store for more raw food. It was a good thing I packed a box of Honest Kitchen. The dogs had previously only had a meal here or there of it, but never ten days straight. This was going to be interesting. I was also glad I travelled with a few cans of pumpkin.

I bought water from a store (often when you travel, it’s the water that can cause the biggest upset to your dog’s system) and kept it at the event. I also kept the box of Honest Kitchen there, too. It really is a great alternative to traveling with raw food. The dogs transitioned beautifully onto it. We kept their firm stools – oh, come on! You know that’s always a big concern! They loved each meal and even my picky eater, Diva, wolfed every meal down. It was simple, fast and as close to raw as I was going to get on that trip. I was really happy to have the option and to have thought to bring the box - and I never had to use the cans of pumpkin. I will be traveling with a box of Honest Kitchen from now on.

I should point out that because Honest Kitchen is manufactured in a human food manufacturing facility in the USA and is dehydrated at temperatures that do actually cook the food, it can cross the border when I travel – which is often what stops me from traveling with dehydrated raw foods. I am a happy camper!

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